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“Whilst working on the Lakeside 3 accommodation project summer 2022, Dorman Hill showed site awareness to ensure that the proposed panel design (by others) was manufactured so that the product would provide an easier install for the electrical contractor.

When further changes were required their swift response on getting to site and making the alterations prior to delivery was testament to the excellent service they provide. The workmanship of the switchgear was first class”

Miah McCullagh, Electrical Services Officer, The University of Warwick


Who Are We?

It is our business to understand and meet client demands with their electrical distribution requirements. We offer an array of products and services from assembly all the way through to specialist delivery and installation.

100 Years Of Combined Experience and Knowledge

A one-of-a-kind team of experts with an ever increasing bank of knowledge and know-how within the electrical engineering sector. Don’t believe us? Read up on select projects from our backlog of 200 (and growing) projects since our inception – in early 2021.

Design And Solution

In September 2022, Dorman Hill was approached by a consultancy to provide a design and solution for replacing a severely vandalised large switchboard in a former supply chain warehouse. The site had no electrical supply due to an entire electrical cable and infrastructure theft.


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