Fuseland Electrical Services Limited, Bridgewater

Job 0103 | November 2022

“Following a break-in on a site in Bridgwater we had to replace the aged main switchboard; Dorman Hill designed a replacement switchboard to match the existing L shape configuration. The switchboard was constructed and delivered to site within a very quick timescale to enable power to be restored as soon as possible.”

Simon Applegate, Director, TFT Consultants

The Problem To Solve

In September 2022, Dorman Hill was approached by a consultancy to provide a design and solution for replacing a severely vandalised large switchboard in a former supply chain warehouse. The site had no electrical supply due to an entire electrical cable and infrastructure theft.

The Solution We Put In Place

Within two working days we attended site and completed a very in-depth survey including precise dimensional details and confirmation of switchgear footprint, positioning, cable access and most importantly how the new switchboard could be off loaded and positioned. The existing switchboard had a rating of 2500A with a manually operated changeover system including two separate Mains supplies, a Bus Coupler arrangement, and Standby Generator incomer.


The restricted switch room layout dictated that the switchboard turned through 90 degrees to fit in the room. This layout lends itself perfectly to the Dorman Smith Switchgear Modis 25 system. With the aid of our specialised software package, we were able to finally design and submit for approval our proposed layout within 24 hours of the initial site visit. Manufacture commenced in mid-October 2022 and was ready for despatch in late November.

The Results

The switchboard consisted of fifteen separate sections with a combined footprint of nearly 9M2. Following test certification, the panel sections were loaded onto a Hiab lorry, unloaded, reconnected, and then installed within 24 hours. From start to finish this complicated switchboard was turned around in just over ten working weeks.


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