Floor standing? Wall mounted? Bespoke? No two panels are ever the same

THE CHOICE IS YOURS. Whether it be a 100A consumer unit or a 4000A switch panel, we are the company for you. Need something inside or outside these parameters… Get started using our configurator.

We don’t just stop at delivering your panel or switchboard to site - we have the facilities to off load and move your switchboard sections or complete unit into its final location for you.

Floor Standing Panels

We can provide floor standing switchboards with busbar current ratings from 800A to 4000A. Fault ratings from 25ka/1 sec to 85ka/1 sec. These switchboards can be front or rear access with top or bottom cable/busbar termination. Available with a multitude of different ACB / MCCB or Fuse Switch Incoming and outgoing configurations. 

Switchboards can be designed to fit in awkward or small switchrooms included right angled options if required.

Wall Mounted Panels

We can offer a wall mounted MCCB panelboard in current ratings ranging from 250A to 1250A. Fuse Switches can also be incorporated into these boards. As with all our offerings factory fitted metering and TVSS is readily available.

MCB Distribution Board

Standard 100A/250A distribution boards are available. You can choose to have a single board or twin/triple split load complete with metering and TVSS options.


We offer a wide scope of bespoke services that can range from a custom set of copper links to a complex industrial control panel. We have invested in facilities and machinery to allow our team to meet high customer demands and expectations.

Dorman Hill can also provide any of our panelboards or switchboards with a fully Automatic Mains Failure Changeover system. This can also be achieved with a Castell manual interlocking system.

Like what you see? Your unique electrical switchgear build starts here

Effortlessly make use of our configurator tool to build your own switch board or panel. Add your required electrical specifications, such as incoming and outgoing devices, metering, surge suppression, control components. Submit your request and we will aim to provide a full quote within 1 working day.

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