HV Power Limited, 
M54 Space Centre

Job 0118 | March 2023

“I am a regular customer of Dorman Hill. They are competitively priced and manufacture and assemble high quality end products- this particular panel was no exception. It was also delivered and moved into its final position on time.”

Brendan Taylor, Project Manager, HV Power Ltd

The Problem To Solve

This project was entirely bespoke in nature to match the configuration and footprint of the existing very outdated switchgear.

A one-off connection chamber was required for the incoming mains cabling requiring us to manufacture extended terminals rated at 2500A. These were CAD designed, drawn up and manufactured entirely in house leaving the incoming terminals at precisely the correct height and position to terminate the transformer cables onto.

The Solution Put In Place

The outgoing cabling had to be terminated into a tailored connection chamber. We manufactured this to fit onto the top of the new switchgear precisely matching the dimensions of the new switchboard. Again, the contractor was able to terminate their cabling onto the outgoing devices without having to extend any circuits. The connection chamber was also outfitted with modular aluminium gland plates so that cables could easily be terminated during different stages of the shutdown period.

The Results

We delivered, off loaded and positioned the new switchboard out of hours during the shutdown period removing the need for the contractor to position a bulky and large switchboard weighing over 1500kgs.


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